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44 Things to Do at the Ranch

For kids and kids at heart!

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt

  2. Climb the "Secret Staircase" (ask a Host)

  3. Enjoy exploring the garden and terraces

  4. Bring a new vacation book (or magazine) and read it

  5. Make S’mores!

  6. Have a lazy lunch on the covered patio

  7. Make a memory bag or jar (collect your favorite rocks, leaves, pine cones, and more!)

  8. Do arts and crafts

  9. Holiday Fun: Check the schedule for special holiday events

  10. Build a blanket fort in your guest room

  11. Take a photo safari around the grounds and post to family at home

  12. Listen to/watch nature

  13. Go animal “hunting” (see how many different kinds of birds and animals can you find…but obviously…don’t hurt them!)

  14. Ask a host to show you the Ranch's collection of UV Rocks using a blacklight

  15. Enjoy early morning coffee outside your room

  16. Date Night! (Drinks? Dinner? Walk? Get creative!)

  17. Take Rover or Spot on a walk up Wood Canyon Road

  18. Play the “Where Are You From?” game – ask other guests and locals where they are from and try and find new friends from as many States or Countries as you can!

  19. Make a trip journal

  20. Make homemade thank you cards for exceptional Hosts you meet

  21. Create your own map by exploring the Ranch

  22. Play card or board games outside

  23. Take a nap!

  24. Blow bubbles

  25. Collect bugs

  26. Recap your day/trip with the family (What was your favorite thing? Food? Least favorite? What do you want to do again?)

  27. Cook a big breakfast in your suite

  28. Jog or walk up Wood Canyon Road

  29. Plan your next day (or your next trip!)

  30. Have a squirt gun fight

  31. Learn how to tie knots

  32. Shop for a gift downtown for someone at home

  33. Call or FaceTime a friend back home

  34. Make microwave popcorn

  35. Meet your neighbors

  36. Take a family portrait

  37. Do a Facebook Live video for friends back home

  38. Play Flashlight Tag

  39. Play I Spy

  40. Play cards

  41. Do some star gazing

  42. Share family stories around the fire ring

  43. Attend the weekend campfire program on select nights (silly jokes and ghost stories)

  44. Take a cross-country hike into the BLM land behind the ranch

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