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New in 2022

Last year was a busy time at Mile High Ranch. We updated the mattresses and linens, installed LED bulbs in all light fixtures, added extensive landscaping lighting, upgraded the breakfast baskets, cleaned the grounds, trimmed trees and removed stumps, enhanced the front lawn for gatherings, added fire tables and a campfire program, created a new website, and lots more.


Now for 2022, and after months of preparations, we are officially beginning the complete refurbishment of the guest rooms. New this year: streaming TV’s in every room; new decorations; additional dining and snack options; single-serve coffee makers that use coffee pods and single-serve coffee condiment packets; guest books with helpful details about your guest room, the Ranch and Bisbee; sales of our popular cookies and petit celebration cakes; additional community events; and lots more.


With so much fixin’ up going on this calls for an old west hoedown so get yerself over here and join in the fun!

Garden 2021.jpg


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