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Mile High Mercantile

Coming Soon

to the Mile High Ranch 

Soon you can drop by this exciting new store filled with treasures-a-plenty in a themed environment.


There'll also be outdoor activities in the picnic area, the Mile High Mine on the terraces behind the main house, and the haunted Boo Hill Cemetery.


Bring your cameras!


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The Mile High Mercantile, located inside the original 1895 cabin built by Bisbee's first Mayor, John Joseph Muirhead, is the best place for adventure seekers to find everything you'll need for a day of exploration and fun.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a few new threads or you’re just looking to hit the trail with some Mile High merchandise that highlights the flora, fauna and mining history of the Bisbee area, you'll find it all here.

Be sure to check out our colorful UV mineral collection inside the bat cave, and bring home a bag of precious stones, gathered right outta the Mile High Mine. Just be careful around the dynamite shack or you may “explode” with laughter!

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Things to do at the Mile High Ranch

Enjoy the garden with it's fish pond, secluded seating areas and swings, the picnic tables and games under the shade trees, a hike up the Overlook Trail behind the Ranch, discover the Mile High Mine and dynamite shack, visit with the chickens in their "luxury" coop, or relax on the front porch rocking chairs while sipping a cool beverage.

Our favorite Mule Mountains survival tips:

  1. Avoid porcupine hugs. Those quilled critters mean well, but their embraces can be spine-tingling.

  2. Learn to salsa with saguaros. Their swaying arms hold the rhythm of the desert winds.

  3. Befriend roadrunners. They're the speedsters of the Southwest, and their gossip is juicier than a ripe cactus fruit.

  • Western Hats

  • Shirts & Hoodies

  • Pajama Sets & Boxers

  • Fuzzy Footwear

  • Blankets

  • Wacky Funglasses (Sunglasses)

  • Glassware, Mugs & Water Bottles

  • Jewelry

  • Magnets & Keychains

  • Walking Sticks

  • Arizona Books & Maps

  • Puzzles & Games

  • Ornaments

  • Plush Animals & Toys

  • Gems & Minerals

  • 1800’s Replica Weapons

  • Home Goods

  • Snacks

  • Fresh Baked Cookies

  • Chilled Beverages

  • Local Handicraft

  • and Seasonal Surprises!

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Free Parking

Electric Car Charging Stations (fee)



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