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Here are just a few ways we are focused on helping to protect the planet we all share.


Renewable Electricity

In 2010, we invested in Bisbee’s first solar photovoltaic installation in our parking lot that provides 12% of the energy use for the Ranch.


Conserving Fuel

Mile High Ranch uses electric cars, heat pump systems, LED lighting, and electricity saving devices.


Reducing Waste

We make use of washable glassware, silverware and dishes, as well as refillable in-room amenities.


Using Water Responsibly

At Mile High Ranch, we recognize that water is a precious resource in the Desert Southwest. We work to keep our water consumption low through conservation measures, site-specific watershed stewardship strategies, upgrading and repairing infrastructure and using non-potable water in our landscaping.


Protecting Nature

Mile High Ranch believes in nature-based climate solutions. We provide natural places for animal habitats and incorporating native and zero-scape plants to help reduce the impact of climate change.


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